The Noble Passion of Wine

Cavaliere del Garda is the fruit of the passion of a great team led by Fabio Contato, who has forty years of experience as a winemaker in Lugana, fifteen of which spent alongside one of the most influential French winemakers in the world, Michel Rolland.

Fabio explains how loving what you do is the most important quality that can be transmitted through wine:

“… inside a glass of wine is our personality, our history.  In our Cavaliere del Garda, you will find all our emotions, efforts and passions, of years of work. The wine is the tangible fruit of the knowledge of dozens and dozens of people, and their vision and love of the land. Those who, like us, cultivate and make wine have the privilege of knowing the land, enjoying its fragrances, the dew on the grapes, the passing of the seasons, the cold and the sun that warms the earth, the creativity of nature. It is in great respect for our land, borrowed for a brief period of time, that we have the burden of giving the best of ourselves. Though passion makes the weight of our work lighter, know that the land takes all we have to give.

The philosophy of our team of agriculturists and winemakers is to keep on improving, in order to bring concrete meaning to our work and our future choices. Our common vision is not only that age-old one of caring for and respecting the product, but also of caring for and respecting the environment and the territory. Likewise, we care about the well-being and protection of those who work with us and dedicate a part of their lives to the company.

With this conception of work, we have created Cavaliere del Garda by bringing together in that bottle all our experience, know-how, new and modern knowledge and the most advanced technologies, for a unique product, an exclusive wine that is the fruit of our millenary tradition of winemaking. Cavaliere del Garda, by choice, is a noble wine, of limited and exclusive production, aimed at customers who are passionate about food and wine”.

Today, Fabio Contato, is joined in the enterprise by his wife, Geraldine Haggart, with the role of Cavaliere del Garda’s Brand Ambassador. Geraldine is bringing to the brand all her many years of experience in the fields of communication, public relations, and event management.